Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Welcome to a new (in) courage community!

Finding Our Way in Community

God's Pointing People

(Photo courtesy of Tyler C. Boyle)  An inukshuk, Indian word for “pointing people”, ancient signposts built in human shape that provided comfort to wilderness travelers and assurance that others had passed that way. They pointed the way to safe passage, natural shelter, and sources of nourishment. 
If you are reading this post because of the invitation at (in) courage, I hope you are thinking about the people God has lovingly and intentionally placed in your life.  I can’t wait to hear your stories but first I’d like to tell you just one of mine.  I didn’t join my running group to be a pointing person.  I was there simply to get ready for a half marathon. So was Sarah.  By God’s design this twenty-something, young Hispanic professional woman began running with me, a 60-something, aging Gringo grandma. She talked about her boyfriend while I talked about my grandchildren.  She did research on her master’s thesis, biked, played tennis, met friends and played with her dog on weekends while I went to Bible study, cleaned house, did laundry, watched TV and went to church.  I thought my life must seem very boring to her but she saw something else.  To her, I was like the ancient inukshuk, someone who could point her to safe passage when she was feeling lost.  Through the relationship we built walking, running and talking together, she knew she could come to me for guidance and encouragement.  In praise of His glorious grace, I am thankful God brought us together.

Sarah and Pat

Sarah joins me today in welcoming you to this new (in) courage community . If you would like to be a member, please join by sending your e-mail address to inpraiseofgrace@gmail.com.  You can share how God has used special people in your life for guidance and comfort by sending your stories to the same address.  Read what others have to share by subscribing to this blog (see sidebar).  On Wednesday and Friday of each week Sarah and I will feature posts from you and from us related to our community.  Your comments are invited and always welcome!   Please like our public Facebook page and share it with your friends.  We will also have a private Facebook group page for members only to share and visit with one another.  Please send me a request to be added as a friend at  https://www.facebook.com/pat.j.brockman and include a message that you would like to be added to the group or indicate your desire to join on the public page. 
Help us encourage one another to be one of God’s pointing people!