Saturday, September 29, 2012

Coming home to my friend's house

It's been nearly thirty years since we made the move to Dallas.  It was only the second time in our married life that we had moved.  We arrived in late August, just in time for our oldest son to start first grade.  Moving with three little boys ages 6, 3, and 1 1/2 was not easy, especially since Dad had to stay behind in Houston supervising telephone restoration crews after Hurricane Alicia.  Temporary housing was across town from the school and the church was too, but it was the friends I found there who helped me feel at home in the new city.  I met Kathy at an "Adventures for Christian Living" class.  The topics we addressed helped us get acquainted quickly and we learned we had much in common. Her kids were the same age as mine.  We both very much wanted to be good mothers and good wives.  It was a time of Transformers, Care Bears, T-ball, and soccer.  The two years we lived there passed quickly and we moved again.  The friendship didn't end.  It had only begun.

Kathy stayed in Dallas while we moved to St. Louis, Mexico City, Puerto Rico, San Antonio, Atlanta, San Jose, and back to San Antonio again.  I had  many reasons to be in and out of Dallas over the years. It was always a comfort driving in when I turned on to her street.   No matter how late I arrived she always stayed up to greet me and help carry my things in.  My room was always ready. Photos of us during vacations we have shared were tucked in with pictures of her children growing up.  A carefully chosen mug was laid out for the next morning's coffee.

Last night I drove in once again.  It made me smile to see the Pack n' Play in my room.  I had to move the potty chair out of the bathtub in order to take a shower.  Her house looks just like mine!  We're not young moms anymore, we are grandmothers!  What a blessing to have such a friend. 

In those early years of marriage I had no idea we would be such gypsies!  God knew I would need friends along the way.  He gave me a gift early in my life journey who has continued to bless me to this very day!  All that we have shared and the fact that we are still friends reminds me of His faithfulness.I cannot help but be in praise of His grace!

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