Monday, September 17, 2012

Alley, alley, in come free!

Are you hiding from community? 

If you'd like some help to come out of hiding I recommend a well written post from my favorite blog for Christian women, (in) courage.  Bonnie Gray, The Faith Barista,  penned the very insightful and helpful , "Eight Ways to Come out of Hiding"  Not only does she give you a plan, but she also describes how and why we hide based on her own experience.  

I can relate to her statement below:

I grew up  in a time and place where all the kids in the neighborhood could go outside and play and we did!  There were long evenings of bike riding, kick the can, kick ball, and hide and seek.  Sometimes towards dark it would get a little scary, so it was always a relief in hide and seek to hear the person who was "it" yell, "Alley, alley, in come free!"  I guess that's how it's spelled.  I only know how it sounded and what it was safe to come out of hiding.

It's great when we get to the place where we  feel it is safe to come out of hiding and share the work God is doing in our lives.  May you hear that call " come free"   and leave your hiding place "to the praise of His glorious grace"!  (Eph. 1:8)

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