Sunday, October 20, 2013

What I did on Day 19

I didn't post on the 31 Days Project on Day 19.  A far greater opportunity took precedence over anything else I could have chosen to do that day-I had the great blessing to sit down with two old friends and catch up on 35 years of our lives.  Linda and Elaine were two of the very good friends who were a part of my young mother days.  We went to church together, helped each other out when our babies were born, planned outings with the kids, and generally had each other's backs in all the juggling performances that were necessary to make it through each day.  There was lots of remembering and retelling but most of the day was spent filling in the blanks of what had happened over all those years that had passed.  Children grow up and have children of their own in all that time.  Sitting at my kitchen table and taking turns talking sometimes crying, it seemed like just months since we had been together. There have been so many changes in all our lives since those harried, hectic days of 24/7 mothering and keeping dinner warm waiting for husbands to come home from work.  That picture has changed.  The friendship has not.  I loved every minute of Day 19.  There isn't a post to show for it, but lots of memories were written in my heart.  I'll be reading them forever.

Linda May, Elaine Shackmann, and me-friends at Southeast Church of Christ, Houston, TX

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