Sunday, October 20, 2013

Loading up the tree on Day 20

One of my Christmas trees has left the building!  Linda told the story of finding a good home for her big old tree and her plan to replace it with a tall, skinny one.  Aha! Another opportunity to let go of something that I didn't really need.  Yes, I admire those homes with a Christmas tree in every room at holiday time.  But I know it's time to make my decorating more manageable and I really don't need to cart that tree upstairs again this year.  I'll keep my big old tree downstairs and I will be glad that my California town home tree has a new home in Houston.

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  1. Big sigh. I love decorating for Christmas but it has become a HUGE ordeal. I am up to two big trees and four smalls. I think I am going to use the kitchen as an excuse for minimalism this year. We'll see if I can stand it...


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