Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Trying to make my time behave on Day 16

I complained to my good friend today that I was having a hard time finding a three hour block of time each day to work on my Letting Go project.  "Why does it have to be three hours in a row" she asked?  Hmm...that's a good question and I don't have a good answer.

I think I told her that's just the way I am, or that is the way I work best but I recognize those responses as evasions of the truth.  The truth is that I'm just really bad at making good use of my time.  I allow myself to get easily distracted.  No, actually I think I look for distractions.  Words with Friends, Facebook,and email  woo me away many times a day from the opportunity to  put 20 to 30 minutes to good use.  Those minutes add up to the hours I say I don't have.

My husband and I have been helping some of our church members put Dave Ramsey Financial Peace principles into practice and one of the admonitions he gives is that we need to make our money behave.  I need to make my time behave.  

I would love for this to be a get 'er done project.  I watch the crews Peter Walsh puts to work on Oprah's network show about organization and hoarding.  With the help of 6-8 people everything gets carried out and sorted into hundreds of plastic bins. Then with Peter's practiced guidance the person being helped gets coached into purging what's necessary to make what's left fit into the newly designed and well appointed spaces.  I don't have that luxury of hired help but I do have rooms that need cleared and some plastic bins to fill.  I don't have whole days or even on most days a three hour block of time to devote to the project but I do have blocks of 20-30 minutes or sometimes an hour or two. Thanks, Kathy, for your honest confrontation.  It was a great little kick in the you know what today.

PS-As a follow up to Day 15, I want to share a success.

A trunk full of stuff was taken away today!

need to make my time behave

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