Thursday, October 10, 2013

Some things that need done get done on Day 10

Nothing large or glamorous got accomplished today but some basic thorough cleaning of the upstairs bathrooms.  It;s one of those jobs you feel good about when you're done.  I'd like to be done with the letting go of all this stuff.  It is getting easier to add to the stack of things going out the door.  Now I go for today's reward and the chance to appreciate the reality of the space for which I held the vision for Day 10.  My bubble bath awaits.....

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  1. ohhhh....what I wouldn't give for one of those! Last night the "camping" method of preparing dinner was really getting to me. Walking across the house just to wash an apple. Stepping over piles of tools, and dust, dust EVERYWHERE. I want this to be over. On a positive note, I have finished picking out the last thing - door hardware. Tile was settled earlier this week. now to watch it all come together!


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