Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Out of the house to where? on Day 8

There are boxes and bags by the door and today was the day I hoped to begin getting them out of the house.  The easiest to pack up and the first to go was a box of clothes from the  closet. I thought I would take them to the consignment store and begin not only letting go, but maybe a little cash also.  Problem is, they don't take clothes more than one or two seasons old and I wear my clothes longer than that.  So I had to bring the box of clothes back home.  Not good.  Lots of things in other boxes too.  I'll make a decision tomorrow about whether to have a yard sale or just give everything away.

Also today I realized this is going to take a lot longer than 31 days!

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  1. You know that I am a rabid de-clutterer, and I found out a long time ago that trying to "do something" with all my stuff was as much of a burden as the stuff itself. Occasionally I'll take a box of the boys clothes to the consignment store, but far more often I just let the Goodwill or another charity have it all. The feeling of relief I get when I empty my trunk and drive away FREE is wonderful! With no other responsibilities...Maybe consider that just letting go is enough for now?


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