Sunday, October 6, 2013

Keeping my Shine on Day 6 of Letting Go

My friend Adelle is doing a wonderful job with her 31 days of writing topic. Her topic is 31 Days of a Life that Shines and yesterday she wrote about the labels we give ourselves based on things others say about us or things we say to ourselves. "The labels," she proposes,  " are shades to our shine, preventing us the freedom and honesty to be the shiny people God intended us to be.   They are lies, and being shiny is about telling the truth. The real truth."  I have been sharing the truth here about my very real need for letting go of the clutter and possessions that are holding me back but I have been " putting some shade on my shine" by mixing up my truth with some lies that are discouraging me.   The lies boil down to one phrase I have applied to myself each day since I began, "you're pathetic".  
I picked up Julie Morgenstern's book again last night after the last post and was encouraged to read that in all her years of being a professional organizer there was never a case where the clutter was caused by sloppiness, laziness, or incompetence.   Her chapter "What's Holding You Back" gave me lots of encouragement.   She writes,  " How can you expect to be enthusiastic about getting organized if you see your environment as a sharp criticism of your very nature?  No wonder you avoid the dreaded task."
I am going to do what Adelle suggests and remove the shade from my shine.  

On another note:  I forgot to tell you yesterday where I found my keys-

Yes, under the cushion!

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  1. You might think you aren't shining, but I have NEVER seen you NOT SHINE!


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