Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Getting to the things I said I would get to later on Day 23

If you have been following my posts in this 31 Days of Letting Go project you will remember that I was working on the guest room last week getting ready for company to arrive on Friday afternoon.  I had hoped to be ready by Thursday but was still working on Friday when they arrived.  I know some of you can relate to what needed to be done in that situation.

Step 1:  Find basket, box, bag or corner (a necessary step because desk and dresser drawers are already full)
Step 2:  Take everything in the way or that you don't want to be seen and place in basket, bag, box, or corner
Step 3:  Put basket, bag,or  box in a closet or corner

Here is the box that sat in my bedroom for four days:

Only four days.  I think that is a new record.  And for the record, I threw away most of what was in the box.  Thankful on Day 23 for progress toward goal!

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