Monday, October 14, 2013

Day 14 -How I'm Hanging in there with something that's hard for me to do

Julie Morgenstern's book has been my main read these last few weeks and I am relying heavily on her guidance in what I am doing each day in this project of letting go.  I feel a bit like the girl who did a blog about making a recipe each day from the Julia Childs cookbook.  (Wasn't her name Julie?) I don't think this endeavor will ever make it to screenplay status, but I will have something to show for it when all is done.  

Julie's book is giving me confidence to do something that is hard for me to do.  It is the "how to" that I absolutely need, and it's full of grace.  I am plugging along and making progress in spite of being a packrat procrastinator because in the book she addresses my issues but makes me feel ok and still capable of doing what needs to be done.  She's gentle as in recognizing "organizing takes time to master.  You're bound to make mistakes and stumble along the way".  She's encouraging as in "once you've mastered these skills they'll last you forever because they're skills for life".  She's motivating as in "they (the skills) will give you a lasting sense of security, personal identity, pride and peace."  (Julie Morgenstern, Organizing from the Inside Out, p. 78)  That's enough to make me hang in there and not give up.  

So today I started by reading Chapter 6 again, the title of which is Attack: Getting the Job Done.  To remember the steps of the attack phase, she says to think of the word "SPACE"-
1.  Sort
2.  Purge
3.  Assign a Home
4.  Containerize
5.  Equalize

Still on the Sort and Purge in the guest room but at least I didn't get sidetracked by trips down memory lane or stopping to work on unfinished projects.  

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